Novena Prayers to St. Joseph, Advocate for My Divorced Catholic Family

St Joseph image with child on Mexican retalbo oil on tin

My St. Joseph I turned to St. Joseph in prayer after my divorce and asked him to watch out for me and my little family. It gave me comfort to know that the foster-father of Jesus, who took such good care of the Divine Child, would watch over us and pray for us. I asked him to be the man of the house. Yes, he is the patron saint of fathers, but also of workers. (And any prayers for the children’s fathers is helpful to the children, right? Just grit your teeth and bite your tongue…it’s okay! Don’t stop reading yet!) Advocate for Families To further convince you that St. Joseph might be a good advocate for divorced mothers and their families, listen to this: The Catholic News Agency reported that Archbishop Jose Escobar Alas said, “…But we should also see [St. Joseph] now as a defender of the rights of women and children. It was he who protected the Sacred Family and the Holy Infant in the flight to Egypt and at all times.”  He continued: “allow me to say something else: St. Joseph continues to care for each one of our families.” Novena Prayers to St. Joseph A novena to St.…

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A Patron Saint for Divorced Mothers

Recently I received a message from a woman who is Catholic but never received the sacrament of Confirmation. However, she’ll be receiving it soon. 🙂   She was in the process of deciding what name to choose for herself and was wondering if I knew a saint who is, or could be, the patron saint for a single mother.  Amazingly, I didn’t…  I mean, that’s kind of a ‘no brainer’ given the subject of this blog.  I even wrote a post quite a while ago about a possible patron saint for divorced, Catholic fathers…but never did one for us mothers!  So, thanks to her message, here we go. 🙂 I did a google search and found one that seems to fit SO well.  She’s also a very interesting woman.  I’d like to find a good book on her, so if you know of one, please don’t keep it to yourself! The following is from…. St. Helen (249-329) found the True Cross in Jerusalem and, for many centuries, devotion to St. Helen has been linked to devotion to the Holy Cross. It would be hard to find a painting, statue or holy card of her that does not depict her…

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A Patron Saint For Divorced, Catholic Fathers & Children of Divorce

ST. EUGENE DE MAZENOD My apologies.  I just realized that when I originally published this post, I got the story wrong.  I thought that St. Eugene was the father but, it turns out, he was the son.  I still believe, though, that he should be the patron saint of divorced fathers because he witnessed what his father went through.  He should ALSO be the patron saint of children of divorce! If you’re a Catholic dad whose wife left him and, also, left you with financial problems, AND left your children, too…..well, this scenario is not new. St. Eugene De Mazenod knows something of what you’re going through. Back in 18th century France, the family had to flee the country due to the French Revolution (they were aristocrats and had reason to believe that death by guillotine awaited them). Once the danger passed, his mother left him and his father in Venice and returned to France, then divorced his father, reclaimed her dowry (which her family made sure remained in her name…hmm, one of the first prenuptial agreements?) and sent his father a note saying, “You now have nothing.” (Which goes to show what kind of a mother she was if…

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