At-Home Lenten Retreats

Lenten retreats for divorced Catholic Moms

An Embarrassing Truth, And Nothing But The Truth I’m going to admit an embarrassing truth: I really don’t want to make any sacrifices for Lent this year. Why should I add suffering to my life  when I suffer so much already? Not all I “suffer” is from my divorce, but being divorced does make life a bit more difficult than life in a two parent home. Add a couple scoops of physical health issues that are sometimes debilitating. Then the cherry on top of that sundae – my concussion 2 years ago that resulted post-concussion syndrome (also called “mild traumatic brain injury) and left me with issues that come and go with various intensities. So I haven’t been able to work much. And I haven’t been able to write much. But I’m able to be a pretty good mom most of the time to my sixteen-year old daughter and that right there is a huge blessing! I’m surrounded by an abundance of blessings – a beautiful and safe home, loving family and friends, a church just five minutes away, beautiful palm trees year round here in Florida. But despite my multitude of blessings, it can feel as though I don’t have the…

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Jesus carrying cross

Just a quick note to share a link with you that, quite possibly, has everything you need to know about Lent. 🙂 Aggie Catholics annual Lenten mega-post 2012 Wishing you a Lent well practiced..and God’s peace. Manya Image Credit: Photograph by  Fr. Lawrence Lew, OP via Flickr   of 5th Station of the Cross in by lay Dominican Eric Gill in Westminster Cathedral, use under license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0  

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Try Fasting!

I was working away..just as I should have been doing…when I saw an email arrive. It was from I skimmed it to see if there were any articles that looked interesting to me and found one: Need a Breakthrough this Lent? Try Fasting – Seriously. Instead of putting it aside to read later (like I should have 🙂 ), I read it immediately.  It’s compelling! This Wednesday, I fast – seriously. Do you have any stories regarding fasting?  Please share with us if you do. May God bring us peace, Manya

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