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The authors at Divorced Catholic Moms are Catholic moms who have experienced the heart-ache of divorce. We are not theologians, scripture scholars, or canon lawyers. We are just mom-bloggers.

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Please consult with a professional regarding any spiritual, financial or legal matters. The information posted on this site is not to be interpreted as advice but only shared from our own experiences.

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Please always seek the advice of your parish priest or other expert on spiritual matters. Although we intend to only convey information that is in conformity with the authentic teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, we are not perfect.  If it appears that misinformation has been posted, please correct us in charity by contacting us.

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If you are interested in being a writer for Divorced Catholic Moms, please contact me at Amanda at DivorcedCatholicMoms.com.  We are happy to accept guest post submissions for review upon request.

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