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 My Big News!

Lisa Duffy has invited me to add my voice to her blog “A Million Unheard Souls” .  I feel honored that Lisa asked me to be a contributor and excited about this opportunity to share encouragement and hope with divorced Catholics. You can read my articles here at A Million Unheard Souls is on the Catholic Channel hosted by Patheos.com. I hope you’ll visit me there!

Lisa Duffy’s Divorce Ministry

Lisa has been providing support, encouragement, and resources for divorced Catholics for over twenty years. Not only has she written for many other online and print publications, but she also offers one-on-one divorce and relationship coaching, speaks at conferences and more. Lisa is now happily remarried but continues to be committed to her ministry for divorced Catholics. I hope you’ll come visit with me over at Lisa’s blog for Catholics recovering from divorce.

I first learned of Lisa Duffy’s divorce ministry shortly after my divorce. It was this website, DivorcedCatholicMoms, that introduced me to Lisa and her work. That was back when I was a reader rather than a writer here. I still remember my hurt, confusion, and loneliness, feelings I’m sure you understand. Online resources were important because I worked during the day and had three children at home. Unfortunately, what I found was few and far between.


You’re Not Alone and You’re Still Catholic

Divorce is heart-breaking, whether you have been abandoned, had to leave an abusive marriage, or came to a mutual agreement about your broken marriage. It is so good to know we are not alone! We need support in coping with our disappointment and fears, encouragement in deepening our faith in God, and information about what the Church really says about divorce.

Not only is it good to know that we’re not alone, it’s also good to know that WE’RE STILL CATHOLIC! Unfortunately some Catholics think that divorce automatically mean you’re no longer welcome at Mass. That’s one of the misconceptions that draws some of us away from the most important consolations after divorce – our faith.

Me Too!

I share Lisa’s desire to reach out and minister to divorced Catholics because I have experienced the trauma of divorce. We’re all different, we all have different situations, and different personalities. But suffering hurts and only Jesus can bind up our deepest wounds. My hope is that the words you read here and on A Million Unheard Souls will give some kind of comfort or encouragement, some help as you adjust and live in your new life.

My first post shared the prayer that saved me when my world was falling apart in my article Divorce Terrified Me But This One Simple Prayer Saved Me. I invite you to comment, “Share” and “Like” this post so we can reach others who are also hurting.

What Do You Need?

I’m here for you, at DivorcedCatholicMoms.com and A Million Unheard Souls , and I invite your input, comments, suggestions.

If you have suggestions for articles or would like to share your story, please contact me using the form below. I would love to hear from you!

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About Amanda

Amanda is a divorced Catholic mom blogger who writes to offer spiritual support, inspiration, and information to other divorced Catholic moms.

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