God’s Mercy Reached Out to This Divorced Catholic

Woman covering face in need of God's mercyI’m sharing with you a podcast by divorce recovery expert Lisa Duffy who has been a great inspiration to me during my divorce recovery. There were few resources for divorced Catholics years ago, and there still aren’t many. Through the mercy of God, Lisa is an author, blogger, and speaker who has ministered to divorced Catholics for fifteen years. She has also appeared on NBC news as a divorce recovery expert. All for us divorced Catholics. 

When Lisa’s husband walked out she was left alone, abandoned and angry.  Instead of turning to God, his mercy and her Catholic faith, Lisa listened to the well-meaning advice of co-workers and friends. They encouraged her that she would feel better once she started dating. But re-entering the world of dating didn’t heal the pain. 

In the podcast below, be encouraged and inspired as Lisa Duffy shares how God’s mercy found her as she struggled through the pain of divorce in Episode 13 of Catholic Grandma Kristine Franklin’s podcast series “Mercy Unwrapped,” 

Here is the encouraging story of God’s mercy in the midst of her ruined marriage.


You can visit her site at LisaDuffy.com for more podcasts, articles, and divorce recovery resources.

Every woman’s experience with divorce is different, and not one of us can claim to speak for all of us. Your experience is unique because you are unique. However we do share many common emotions, struggles, and disappointments. Whatever your situation, God’s mercy is poured out for you.

I hope you enjoy this podcast and it offers a bit of encouragement and hope for you.

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Amanda is a divorced Catholic mom blogger who writes to offer spiritual support, inspiration, and information to other divorced Catholic moms.

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