Prayers and Novena to St. Joseph

My St. Joseph I turned to St. Joseph after my divorce and asked him to watch out for me and my little family. It gave me comfort to know that the foster-father of Jesus, who took such good care of the Divine Child, would watch over us and pray for us. I asked him to be the man of the house. Yes, he is the patron saint of fathers, but also of workers. (And any…

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Surviving Divorce: Our Weakness, God’s Strength

  The only way I survived day-to-day after divorce was through the strength God gave me. My marriage broke up over a year and a half that felt like glass shattering in my hands as I tried to hold onto life as a family. When my husband finally moved out, I was devastated. I used scripture verses to help me survive day-by-day as we went through the divorce and as I survived through the first couple…

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Splitting the Stuff: A Child’s View

Divorce is lousy. Our marriage is breaking up, and sometimes the entire household is, too.  But what about the children? It’s hard to consider the children when we are dividing household items during divorce. The spouse moving out rarely considers that their personal items were familiar household staples to the children. We’re already struggling with our personal pain and distress, sometimes it takes all our time and energy just to provide the basic necessities as…

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Grateful thanks to Manya for passing on stewardship of this site to me! This is the first site I found that helped me feel a little less alone as I first faced the impending prospect of  divorce and the loss of my marriage. Although I had come from “a broken home,” none of my Catholic-mom-friends were divorced or single women. I didn’t know any divorced women, at least not among my own contemporaries. I was…

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I’m glad you found this site.

I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. I hope that what you find here will be of help to you!  Life has taken me in other directions, as it will also take you in time.  For this reason, I no longer update this site with new content, nor do I reply to comments.  I will leave this site up, though, in the hope that it will continue to be helpful. The most important message…

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Just a quick note to share a link with you that, quite possibly, has everything you need to know about Lent. Wishing you a Lent well practiced..and God’s peace. Manya

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