I’m glad you found this site.

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I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. I hope that what you find here will be of help to you!  Life has taken me in other directions, as it will also take you in time.  For this reason, I no longer update this site with new content, nor do I reply to comments.  I will leave this site up, though, in the hope that it will continue to be helpful. The most important message I can leave for you is that you WILL come through this and you will find happiness again. I encourage you to hold onto your faith..even if you’re not feeling it right now. Our faith is the source of our strength.

I’ll keep you in my prayers.
May God bless you and bring you peace.

P.S. The following comment was left regarding  other posts on this site, such as the following:  Is Divorce a Sin for Catholics?   and Still Catholic…  I believe the points made in this comment have already been answered in the first post.  I leave this comment for you to read, though, as the author of it feels quite strongly that the readers of this blog are being misled.

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Happy Mother’s Day 2012

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God bless us all, everyone. :)

I wish you all a wonderful day.  Hopefully, you’ll find at least a moment (if not more) for some peace and relaxation.  Take time to marvel at your children, the way you did when they were babies and it was hard to tear your eyes away from them. :)  Also take time to marvel at your life as a mom and all that means.  It’s truly a wondrous “role” we’ve taken on and, I think, the most noble one any human being can have.  Fatherhood is a very close second but motherhood…well, it’s different.  These children came from our bodies!  (to say nothing of the pain that was involved with that :) )

At any rate…you’re amazing women.  Be aware of that today and always.  And follow Mary’s lead.  She’s there to guide us in motherhood (no easy task – motherhood).  She experienced immense joy as well as horrific pain as the mother of Jesus…and as our mother.  No matter what trials you face, she understands.  Embrace her…follow her…and you’ll always find the strength you need.

May God bless you and bring you peace.


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Just a quick note to share a link with you that, quite possibly, has everything you need to know about Lent. :)

Wishing you a Lent well practiced..and God’s peace.


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Recovering From Divorce Workshop – Marietta, GA

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Just a quick note to let you know about a workshop being given in GA by the good folks at

If you’re not in GA, contact them and ask them to come to your town OR if they’d give the workshop online!

May God bless and bring you peace.

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angry teenYes, this is an issue in our house.  It wasn’t with my two oldest girls but it is with my youngest, who is now 16.  As a friend who was a high school teacher for many years points out to me, my daughter views modesty (and lack thereof) very differently from how I view it.  Soooo….as her parent, it’s my job to teach my daughter what is and isn’t modest…and what is and isn’t appropriate for any given situation. And I have.  Many times.  And I will.  Many times more. I’m sure.

This article came to me via email this morning, which prompted this post. :)  If you have teenage daughters, I encourage you to read it.

How is it that some of us parents have come to the point of feeling like we can’t tell our kids “no”….?  Of course, very few of us like conflict, especially with our kids….but sometimes there’s no getting around it.  Our first and most important “job” is to raise our children to know God and to know right from wrong.  It’s our right and DUTY to say “No”  to our children when they make inappropriate choices.

Of course, there’s a kind and loving way to say ‘no’, while instructing at the same time…and there’s an “I have spoken” way of saying ‘no.’  Hopefully, the kind, loving, instructional way is used first…and will suffice. :)  If not, then don’t hesitate to resort to the old time tested version of “no” (which we all heard when WE were teens)….”Because I’m your mother and I said so.”

By the way, here’s an article on how to speak with an angry teenager that I also think is helpful.

Good luck!

May God bless you and bring you peace.

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7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 1)

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Are you familiar with the blog, Conversion Diary? If you’re not, you should be. The woman who writes it, Jennifer Fulwiler, is a wonderful writer and quite often has me crying from laughing so hard. (hint – read her scorpion stories!) Anyway, she started this thing called “7 Quick Takes Friday” where she writes about 7 different things…just short blurbs. Then she got all these other bloggers to play the game, too (there are 104 blog links at the bottom of her post today!). And now, I’m jumping in. Gonna give it a try, anyway. :) So, here goes:

- 1 -

My two oldest children are out tonight at “Opera on Tap.” Yep, that’s a new one on me, too. My oldest daughter is one of the cantors at church. The woman who is the head cantor is actually an opera singer. I think she and friends started “Opera on Tap” where they meet once/month at a bar and sing pieces from operas! This seems to be pretty popular because you have to buy a ticket to get in. This surprises me…but also delights me.  Unfortunately, I’m not an opera fan but I love the quirkiness of mixing opera and “on tap.”

- 2 -

Tomorrow my two oldest daughters and I are going to listen to costumed story tellers giving their renditions of classic Halloween-type stories.  This will take place in an historical house downtown, which is decorated for Halloween (of course).  I did this for the 1st time last year and it was great. Those story tellers are so talented.  And to listen to them while in an historic house that’s on the dark side and decorated to the hilt…well, it’s a lot of fun…and a little scary.  Which is exactly what Halloween is supposed to be!

- 3 -

Sometimes divorce stuff comes back to haunt you many years after the actual divorce.  Sorry, I don’t mean to frighten you…just stating fact. :0/  All I have to say is this…once alimony (“maintenance”…I hate that term) is finished, the child support obligation continues until your youngest turns 19 years old.  Be prepared for a re-figuring of the child support obligation when alimony ends.  This has dredged up some old “stuff” and brought lawyers back into my life…it’s been stressful (when I let it be) but it’s coming to an end soon (please Lord).

- 4 -

It’s kind of hard to come up with 7 things….

- 5 -

I’ve received some nice messages recently from women thanking me for having this blog.  I don’t get a lot of people commenting on the posts here, and I understand that.  This is a difficult subject.  I really appreciate receiving a nice note now and then so I know there really are people out there reading this and wanting me to continue. Thank you to those who have dropped me a friendly line! :)


- 6 -

Next week I’m going to Connecticut for a few days of pure vacation and I’m SO excited!!!!  I’ve never been to CT… PLUS I’ve been told that the trees will be at their peak of Fall color. I’m a big American history fan and so the idea of spending time anywhere in the east and getting to be in the middle of historical things makes me smile.  Did I mention that I’m excited?! :)

- 7-

I guess I should have started this by saying that 7 Quick Takes Friday will not consist solely of things that have to do with being a Catholic or a divorced mom.  After all, that’s not the extent of who we are.  So, this will be a “break” day and you’ll get a peek into who this person who writes this blog is…if you care to.  If not, then skip visiting on Fridays.  My feelings won’t be hurt….promise.

Phew…I did it.  I think once I get the hang of this, I’ll be gathering things during the week to mention on Fridays, which will be kind of fun.  Oh, but I’m not under the delusion that this will actually happen EVERY Friday.  You know me better than that!  I will, however, INTEND to do this every Friday and see what happens.  Of course, it probably won’t happen next Friday (see #6 above).  But, then again, it might.  If it does, it will be full of CT sorts of things. :)  (I’m sooooo excited!!)

Have a wonderful weekend.  Enjoy the Halloween decorations and getting ready for the big night.

And, may God bring you peace.


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